Thank you kindly for choosing me. 

I am currently booked out about 12 or more months in advance, but don't let that discourage you from contacting me. 
Rate: $750 per hour with $750 minimum.




When booking a consultation, be prepared to meet with me while I'm tattooing.

Blackwork only.

No/minimal color. No shading, only etching and dotwork for gray areas.
No/minimal script/font (preferably handwriting or typewriter or scientific illustration font).
No roses, no ferns, compass-rose, elaborate frames, wolves, snakes , dandelions, no octopi, no figures. 

Please be aware that on the day of the tattoo, lovers, family, and friends are not allowed in the room. 
They can wait in the lobby and visit briefly. This is for everyone's safety.

The shop is a fragrance-free space. Please don't use cologne or strong scents.

Thank you for understanding.


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